– Cleaning and Stripping Your Boston Whaler 13 15 17

After getting your project boat home the first thing you will need to do is strip everything out of it. This includes the seats, wood rails, stainless railing, steering components, the motor, etc.. You can leave the little brass fittings that you tie off to and also the front eye that you use to pull the boat onto the trailer with. Once your Boston Whaler 13, 15 or 17 foot boat is stripped you will need to clean it with either a garden hose and soap or a high pressure washer like at the car wash. Blow off any loose paint, grime, dirt, etc..  As you clean the boat make sure to take note of any damaged areas. Once the boat is stripped and cleaned you are ready to begin the next step.

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Steven Cole

Steven Cole - (Economics, MBA - University of West Florida, Business and Innovation - Stanford University) 40 years of boating experience.  Both sail and power.