– Used Boston Whaler Classic 17 Montauk For Sale

The 17 foot Boston Whaler Montauk is the next most popular Whaler after the 13 foot sport.  Its larger size makes it well suited for larger seas and more passengers and equipment.  It is unsinkable just like the 13 foot sport.

Finding a used Boston Whaler Classic 17 footer is fairly easy if you look in the right places.  We have compiled some links to the best sites for finding 17 foot Boston Whalers below.

Craigslist – this is by far the quickest way to find a 17 foot Montauk Whaler in your area.  You have two choices to find a whaler using this method.  You can either find a Boston Whaler 17 Montauk already listed or you can post a WANTED ad.  I found mine in one day doing the latter.  To search craigslist simple go to www.craigslist.org and choose your city or a city near you.  Then type Boston Whaler into the search box and hit enter.  You can also go to www.searchtempest.com and search all of craigslist at one time plus some other sites.  To place a wanted ad do the same thing but post an ad and choose the wanted section which is under the for sale heading.

Yacht World – this is a great site that has 17 foot Boston Whalers for sale all over the world.  Just go to www.yachtworld.com and use the search function.  You would want to type in Boston Whaler 17 or Boston Whaler Montauk to keep from getting too many results that included the other sizes.  You can then modify the search by price, country and region.

Boat Trader Online – this is a good place to find a variety of boats including classic 13, 15 and 17 foot Boston Whalers.  You can search using different criteria and can also limit the results to those near you.

Boats Dot Com – this site is a lot like the boat trader site.  I just type in boston whaler as the model and then under keywords type in 17 or 17 foot.  There are normally a few of the 17 footers on the site.

Continuous Wave Website – this is a website specifically created for the Boston Whaler. There is a great deal of general information on the Boston Whaler Boats.  There is also a discussion board available where people sell their boats or discuss the boat.  Use the site search function and type in “Boston Whaler 17 Montauk for sale” or something like that.

American Classifieds – this is an established classifieds site that also puts out the Thrifty Nickel Classifieds.  Searching for a 17 foot Boston Whaler Montauk is easy either by using keyword or by going to the boat section.

More Information about the Boston Whaler Classic 17 foot Montauk.

A 70 horsepower engine is the optimum size for the Boston Whaler 17 footer.  A 70 horsepower will propel the boat to about 39 miles per hour.   A 50 horse engine would be the minimum and would push you along at about 30 mph. With a hydrofoil installed on the motor it would get you onto a plane fairly quickly.  The largest engine that you could safely run would be around 100 horsepower.  The boat can handle larger but the extra power is unnecessary and will get you to a speed that is going to be a bit much for the boat.  Your top speed would be in excess of 50 miles per hour.  You should refer to the manufacturers recommendations before powering the boat.

I recommend a 4 stroke engine for fuel economy and dependability. 


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